Delicate White Enamel Circle Pendant - 16 Inches

Sometimes I like to wear jewelry that has a lot to say, but more often than not I'm looking for some subtle sparkle. This is one of my favorite necklaces.... Learn More

Druzy Drop Gold Tassel Pendant - 24 Inches

If you are looking for the perfect pendant for a night on the town or a holiday party, look no further! This beautiful pendant is accented with pink druzy, gold... Learn More

Gold and Black Crystal Moon Pendant - 16 Inches

Sometimes just a little sparkle is all you need. I am so fascinated with our vast universe and it's important to remember to look up at the stars. It keeps... Learn More
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Gold and Mother of Pearl Retro Circle Pendant - 20 Inches

This fun and retro inspired pendant featured a gold-plated hammered circle, a mother of pearl circle and is accented with a tiny green bead. This is such a beautiful statement... Learn More
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Gold Circle Pendant on Blue Leather Cord - 24 Inches

I love the organic and modern feel of this beautiful pendant. It's crafted using textured gold plated metal and dark blue leather cord. It's absolutely amazing with a shift dress,... Learn More

Gold Seahorse Pendant with Turquoise Accents - 18 Inches

Some say sea-inspired jewelry only belongs in the summertime. I have never once adhered to this ideology! Why only enjoy your favorite pieces once a year?! I'm a big believer... Learn More
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Gray and White Marbled Pendant with Gray Beaded Necklace - 24 Inches

I absolutely love pairing grays with pinks. I think the color combination is absolutely fabulous. This necklace pairs perfectly with a pink sweater or t-shirt. I think it's great for... Learn More
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Green Tassel Pendant - 20 Inches

Sometimes you only need a pop of color to perfect an outfit. I love the vibrant green of this fringed beauty and the fun detailed woven pattern. This pendant feels... Learn More

Mother of Pearl and Crystal Rhinestone Pave Pendant - 16 Inches

Sometimes you want a statement piece to wear and some days it's all about that subtle sparkle. I love this piece as it's great for those low key days and... Learn More

Pink and Red Beaded Tassel Pendant - 36 Inches

Once and a while a piece of jewelry comes along where you declare: "I have to have it!" This is definitely one of those times. This art deco inspired pendant... Learn More

Retro Circle Pendant with Red Stone - 24 Inches

Feeling groovy baby? This retro pendant is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. It features an opaque red glass cabochon and textured gold plated metal. It pairs wonderfully with a... Learn More

Sea Green Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendant - 24 Inches

I absolutely adore this pendant. It looks like you just stepped off the beach. The raw organic texture and shape of the crystal is so beautiful. It's a fun piece... Learn More

White and Pink Druzy Pendant - 36 Inches

Did you know druzys are naturally occurring crystals? They are formed inside geodes are harvested for their stunning natural beauty. This pendant has not one, but two druzys. One in... Learn More
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