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Bezel Set Blue Stone Gold Chain Necklace - 36 Inches

The fun part about costume jewelry is that you can look like you spent a ton of money on your necklace without breaking the bank. This beautiful blue stone chain... Learn More

Gold Seahorse Pendant with Turquoise Accents - 18 Inches

Some say sea-inspired jewelry only belongs in the summertime. I have never once adhered to this ideology! Why only enjoy your favorite pieces once a year?! I'm a big believer... Learn More
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Blue and White Rhinestone Drop Earrings

Sometimes there are earrings where you stop whatever you are doing and say "Oh my goodness, I have to have them!" This is probably one of those times and I... Learn More
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Double Wrap Blue and White Beaded Stretch Bracelet

In my opinion, nautical is always in style. I was lucky enough to grow up right near the ocean and I loved the causal elegance of the beach-side wardrobe. This... Learn More
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Light Blue Oval Stud Earrings

While I often associate fashion jewelry with big bold statements and bright colors, I also appreciate the subtle sparkle. These sweet light blue oval studs are ridiculously well made! This... Learn More
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Blue, White and Green Beaded Tassel Earrings

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of beaded tassel earrings I don't think you need to look any further. These fun beaded beauties have incredible movement,... Learn More
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Blue Graduated Necklace - 18 Inches

Oh the fun we can have with costume jewelry! When I was making fine jewelry you are limited by materials in the sense that your choices are metal alloys and... Learn More
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Gold Hoops with Purple Stone Accent

Everyone has a few pairs of hoops in their wardrobe. I absolutely love these earrings as they provide two looks in one! You can wear them with the purple stone... Learn More

Turquoise, Black and Gold Beaded Tassel Earrings

I'm really excited that tassels weren't just a flash in the pan. It looks like they are hear to stay! I mean who doesn't love a tassel? It adds so... Learn More

Turquoise, Turtleshell and Rhinestone Circle Drop Earrings

I absolutely adore these earrings and a part of me hopes they don't sell. I guess I shouldn't say that as thoughts often become things. The universe is listening! But... Learn More

Green Bead and Gold Chain Necklace - 36 Inches

This gorgeous green bead and gold plated chain necklace is as versatile as it is beautiful. It features a clasp which allows you to double up the necklace for a... Learn More

Blue, Gold and Neon Pink Beaded Drop Earrings

These earrings just scream fun to me. They are lightweight, have great movement and add a pop of color to any outfit. I like their carefree, bohemian vibe. While most... Learn More
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Blue Marbled Lucite and Silver Oval Drop Earrings

These earrings are absolutely divine. I love the bright color and sleek lines. Not to mention the blue marbled lucite and incredible movement of these beauties. They are sophisticated and... Learn More

Tiny Blue Beaded Drop Earrings

Sometimes I love a really big look, but often I enjoy a much more toned down jewelry moment. These beautiful blue beaded drop earrings are gorgeous as well as subtle.... Learn More

Light Blue Beaded Seashell Stretch Tassel Bracelet

This bracelet combines four of my favorite things: beads, gold plated metal elements, seashells and tassels. You truly can have it all! At least when you're designing jewelry. ;) I... Learn More

White and Light Blue Lucite Hoop Earrings

Once and a while a pair of earrings comes around that you "just have to have." I'm pretty sure that moment is now. These stunning white and light blue lucite... Learn More

Glamorous Gold and Dark Blue Tassel Earrings

My best friend Katya spent a year traveling the world. She brought me back a beautiful paua shell that she discovered on her journeys. This earring reminds me of the... Learn More

Dark Blue Knotted Tassel Earrings

As you are well aware, tassels made a huge comeback! I'm slightly obsessed with these dark blue knotted tassel earrings. They feature a dark blue stud and gold plated metal... Learn More

Blue Bezel Gold Stretch Bracelet

Sophisticated and stylish jewelry doesn't need to be expensive. I love costume jewelry for the wide variety of styles and colors. Because the pieces are affordable I can have a... Learn More

Gold Circle Pendant on Blue Leather Cord - 24 Inches

I love the organic and modern feel of this beautiful pendant. It's crafted using textured gold plated metal and dark blue leather cord. It's absolutely amazing with a shift dress,... Learn More

Blue Tassel and Gold Chain Necklace - 36 Inches

Fun, fierce and free - that's how I want my jewelry to always make me feel. This beautiful beaded tassel necklace leaves me feeling sassy and sophisticated. I love the... Learn More

Blue and White Enamel Anchor Bracelet

Ahoy Matey! This bracelet is adorable, whimsical and sure to add some flair to your latest look. I love to stack this bad boy up with tons of gold toned... Learn More

Blue and Silver Beaded Bracelets - Set of 4

I don't know about you, but I feel like you can never have too many bracelets! In the eyes of Iris Apfel, you are only limited by your arm space.... Learn More