Beaded Blue Drop Earrings

Arts and crafts never had it so good. I love that this retro style has come back recently in a big way. The back of these earrings is made of... Learn More

Beaded Bohemian Pink Tassel Drop Earrings

These earrings might be one of my favorite on the site and I'm secretly hoping that no one buys them so I can keep them for myself! I love the... Learn More
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Blue and Gold Geometric Drop Earrings

There is nothing better than a pair of earrings that can easily transition from day to night. This pair perfectly with a blazer and jeans for a chic work outfit.... Learn More

Blue and White Rhinestone Drop Earrings

Sometimes there are earrings where you stop whatever you are doing and say "Oh my goodness, I have to have them!" This is probably one of those times and I... Learn More
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Blue Marbled Lucite and Silver Oval Drop Earrings

These earrings are absolutely divine. I love the bright color and sleek lines. Not to mention the blue marbled lucite and incredible movement of these beauties. They are sophisticated and... Learn More

Blue, Gold and Neon Pink Beaded Drop Earrings

These earrings just scream fun to me. They are lightweight, have great movement and add a pop of color to any outfit. I like their carefree, bohemian vibe. While most... Learn More
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Blue, White and Green Beaded Tassel Earrings

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of beaded tassel earrings I don't think you need to look any further. These fun beaded beauties have incredible movement,... Learn More
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Blue-Green Oval Stone Drop Earrings

Sometimes you want your jewelry to make an incredibly loud statement and sometimes you want it to whisper. I love the subtle sparkle of these blue-green oval stone earrings. They... Learn More
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Dark Blue Knotted Tassel Earrings

As you are well aware, tassels made a huge comeback! I'm slightly obsessed with these dark blue knotted tassel earrings. They feature a dark blue stud and gold plated metal... Learn More

Diamond Rhinestone Oval Drop Earrings

These make the perfect set of earrings for a night out on the town or for a formal occasion. I absolutely love rhinestone jewelry for a night out as they... Learn More

Double Oval Diamond Rhinestone Drop Earrings

These earrings are the epitome of glamour. They have just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication to make your outfit look like you just stepped off the runway. They... Learn More

Draping Diamond Rhinestone Shoulder Duster Earrings

If you are looking for a stunning statement earring for a night out on the town, look no further. These earrings have sparkle for days! They are surprisingly lightweight which... Learn More

Glamorous Gold and Dark Blue Tassel Earrings

My best friend Katya spent a year traveling the world. She brought me back a beautiful paua shell that she discovered on her journeys. This earring reminds me of the... Learn More

Gold Filled Wire Flower Drop Earrings

Sometimes floral pieces can be a bit too youthful, however I think these earrings strike the perfect balance between feminine and fun. I love how they add just a bit... Learn More
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Gold Stud Earring Set

One thing about women today is that we've become the ultimate multi-taskers. We're moms (in my case a cat mom), businesswomen, entrepreneurs, doctors, friends, wives, girlfriends, chauffeurs, cooks...shall I go... Learn More
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Gray Beaded Disco Ball Tassel Earrings

I think these gray beaded disco ball earrings are the perfect work accessory. While they definitely make a statement, the muted color makes them appropriate for your casual work attire.... Learn More

Green Floral Drop Earrings

Subtle sparkle is where it's at for me. I love how you can put on a pair of earrings and it has the power to transform an outfit completely. Think... Learn More
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Holiday Inspired Metal Fringe Earrings

Looking for the perfect earrings for the holidays? Look no further! These earrings are dope! I love the subdued, oxidized metal fringe and how it contrasts with the bright, sparkly... Learn More

Klimt Inspired Gold Drop Earrings

As an artist I love studying the work of others. Recently my friend gifted me with a jigsaw puzzle that was built of the image by Gustav Klimt named "The... Learn More

Large Diamond Rhinestone Drop Earrings

Whenever I see these earrings the thought that immediately comes to mind is "FUN!" I love these beauties. They add so much sparkle and sophistication to any outfit. I think... Learn More

Light Blue Oval Stud Earrings

While I often associate fashion jewelry with big bold statements and bright colors, I also appreciate the subtle sparkle. These sweet light blue oval studs are ridiculously well made! This... Learn More
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Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings

These are a fun twist on a classic! Pearls are definitely not as popular as they once were, but they are making a comeback, big time. I love these little... Learn More
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Pink and White Geometric Stud Earrings

The 80's have made a comeback and this time we're all thrilled. These simple and fun geometric earrings feature white resin that mimics mother-of-pearl with a splash of pink. They... Learn More

Pink Lucite and Gold Drop Earrings

I sometimes live for a monochromatic look. I especially love all white in the summer or pale pink in the winter. Especially a fuzzy pink cashmere sweater in a blush... Learn More

Princess Cut Rhinestone Stud Earrings

I think I'd be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn't enjoy a pair of diamond studs. They such a simple classic! They go with absolutely everything and give... Learn More

Purple and Gold Geometric Teardrop Earrings

I have a prediction. These gorgeous one-of-a-kind purple and gold geometric teardrop earrings will sell the first day I put them on the website. Let's see if I'm right! How... Learn More

Purple Geometric Drop Earrings

I'm sure I've probably said this a million times before, but these have to be my favorite earrings on the website. They are so gorgeous! They have a certain style... Learn More

Rhinestone Pink Tassel Earrings

What does joy personified look like? Perhaps these earrings are pretty close. I love the bright colors and the rhinestone accents of these beauties. They feel like the start of... Learn More
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Seafoam Green Ombre Tassel Earrings

These shoulder dusters are sure to cause a the best way possible! They refuse to be ignored. Crafted using sea foam green and white seed beads, the sparkle and... Learn More

Tiny Blue Beaded Drop Earrings

Sometimes I love a really big look, but often I enjoy a much more toned down jewelry moment. These beautiful blue beaded drop earrings are gorgeous as well as subtle.... Learn More

Turquoise Tassel Earrings with Marbled Bead Stud

Tassels! Is there anything better? I love these earrings as the look is fun, fresh and on trend. They are extremely light weight so you feel like you have nothing... Learn More
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Turquoise, Black and Gold Beaded Tassel Earrings

I'm really excited that tassels weren't just a flash in the pan. It looks like they are hear to stay! I mean who doesn't love a tassel? It adds so... Learn More

Turquoise, Turtleshell and Rhinestone Circle Drop Earrings

I absolutely adore these earrings and a part of me hopes they don't sell. I guess I shouldn't say that as thoughts often become things. The universe is listening! But... Learn More

Vintage Toucan Stud Earrings

These vintage Toucan stud earrings touched me with their whimsical charm. From far away it looks like some subtle and sophisticated sparkle. Up close they are a whole lot of... Learn More

White and Light Blue Lucite Hoop Earrings

Once and a while a pair of earrings comes around that you "just have to have." I'm pretty sure that moment is now. These stunning white and light blue lucite... Learn More

White Enamel Starfish Stud Earrings

What if everyday could feel like a day at the resort? These whimsical white enamel stud earrings make it feel possible. They are a perfect touch of intrigue to a... Learn More
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White Tassel Earrings

Do you need a pair of earrings that travel well from the pool to the board room? Me too! Some women appreciate wardrobe changes where I need my jewelry to... Learn More

White Teardrop Earrings

I grew up in the mean streets of Fairfield County Connecticut. In my opinion (read: probably not yours) it was a weird subculture of tennis, country clubs and subliminal messaging.... Learn More
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