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Gold Seahorse Pendant with Turquoise Accents - 18 Inches

Some say sea-inspired jewelry only belongs in the summertime. I have never once adhered to this ideology! Why only enjoy your favorite pieces once a year?! I'm a big believer... Learn More
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Gold and Turquoise Seaweed Necklace

Those who know me well know I'm obsessed with the ocean. It's definitely been a huge shift moving to Colorado, a land-locked state! I love it here, but it's important... Learn More
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Large Starfish and Seashell Charm Necklace - 18 Inches

Who says you can't wear beach inspired jewelry in the winter?! The ocean doesn't close during the cold winter months my friends! And neither should it's style. I love spicing... Learn More
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Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelets - Set of 3

These beautiful beaded wrap bracelets are colorful and intriguing. They are gorgeous worn separately and even more fun stacked up! I like pairing them with jeans and a t-shirt for... Learn More
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Double Wrap Blue and White Beaded Stretch Bracelet

In my opinion, nautical is always in style. I was lucky enough to grow up right near the ocean and I loved the causal elegance of the beach-side wardrobe. This... Learn More
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Tropical Stretch Bracelet Set

The tropics are calling and I must go! I love this bracelet set and think it's absolutely perfect with resort wear or any other type of summer ensemble. I also... Learn More
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White Enamel Starfish Stud Earrings

What if everyday could feel like a day at the resort? These whimsical white enamel stud earrings make it feel possible. They are a perfect touch of intrigue to a... Learn More
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Coral Chain Necklace - 36 Inches

Those who know me well understand my obsession with the ocean. When I was making fine jewelry I had an entire ocean collection and would carve pieces of coral out... Learn More
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Gold Starfish and Green Stone Bracelet

My love affair with the ocean actually began in the Museum of Natural History in New York City. If you haven't been, there is an incredible sea creature room complete... Learn More

White Beaded Necklace with Green Tassel

I think it might be impossible to have a bad day while wearing this necklace. It's chic, sophisticated and tons of fun! I think it makes the perfect necklace for... Learn More

Sea Green Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendant - 24 Inches

I absolutely adore this pendant. It looks like you just stepped off the beach. The raw organic texture and shape of the crystal is so beautiful. It's a fun piece... Learn More

Blue, Gold and Neon Pink Beaded Drop Earrings

These earrings just scream fun to me. They are lightweight, have great movement and add a pop of color to any outfit. I like their carefree, bohemian vibe. While most... Learn More
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Light Blue Beaded Seashell Stretch Tassel Bracelet

This bracelet combines four of my favorite things: beads, gold plated metal elements, seashells and tassels. You truly can have it all! At least when you're designing jewelry. ;) I... Learn More

White and Light Blue Lucite Hoop Earrings

Once and a while a pair of earrings comes around that you "just have to have." I'm pretty sure that moment is now. These stunning white and light blue lucite... Learn More

Gold Circle Pendant on Blue Leather Cord - 24 Inches

I love the organic and modern feel of this beautiful pendant. It's crafted using textured gold plated metal and dark blue leather cord. It's absolutely amazing with a shift dress,... Learn More

Vintage Toucan Stud Earrings

These vintage Toucan stud earrings touched me with their whimsical charm. From far away it looks like some subtle and sophisticated sparkle. Up close they are a whole lot of... Learn More

Blue and White Enamel Anchor Bracelet

Ahoy Matey! This bracelet is adorable, whimsical and sure to add some flair to your latest look. I love to stack this bad boy up with tons of gold toned... Learn More