None of the pieces on are mass-produced. Accessory Artists carry only unique jewelry created by independent, established as well as emerging jewelry designers whose vision and work translate into wearable art pieces.

2010 - CIJ International

  Uncommon Goods was kind enough to interview me regarding my involvement with JCK as their design ambassador.  In this post, Jewelry Designer Jacqueline Stone Talks Design Inspiration and Tackling To-do Lists, I get to geek out about my favorite topic: jewelry! 

2016 - Uncommon Goods - Design Inspiration

  While serving as JCK's Design Ambassador in 2016, I had the honor of being a judge for the Uncommon Goods Design Challenge at JCK Tucson.  This is a feature Uncommon Goods did of me for their blog, Designing for the Millenial Audience and the Unique Challenges of Emerging Designers. 

2016 - Uncommon Goods - Designing for the Millenial Audience

  Elizabeth Angell, talented writer and Brooklynite reached out to a friend of mine for research regarding engagement ring buys.  I was honored when she was referred my way.  Elizabeth was a joy to talk to about the design process, the budgeting and all the fun challenges that go into making a beautiful piece of art.  I really loved how she reached out to various designers and weighs all opinions in her piece for Wealth Simple: The Best Way to Invest in an Engagement Ring.  Thank you Elizabeth for including me!  

2016 Wealth Simple: The Best Way to Invest in an Engagement Ring

Designer Jackie Stone's "Passion Puzzle" ring is alternative to traditional wedding bands.  It is 18 karat rose and yellow gold with heirloom diamond melee ($6,500).

2014 - National Jeweler

“One of our favorite parts about being in the wedding industry is getting to ogle gorgeous engagement rings daily. Today we bring you a local fine jewelry vendor that will knock your socks off!”

2014 - Lovely Bride

"If there is one thing we love more than wedding dresses, it’s jewelry. Who doesn’t love jewelry? Especially one that is customized especially for you! If you’re in the market for a piece of fine bridal accessory that is as unique as your love story, here’s one name to look out for: Salt + Stone."

2014 - Wedding Inspirasi